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Orlando Food Trucks

Orlando Street Food arrives via a swarm of Food Trucks and they seem to be growing in numbers and locations. Some might call them lunch wagons, taco trucks or even snack shacks, but whatever you call them, they are truly a phenomenon of amazing Orlando Street Food. Set up in Orlando parking lots, sidewalks, and even parks (sometimes in large groups and sometimes chillin solo, one might chow on a fresh Korean BBQ taco one day, a rib-sticking bowl of traditional Swedish meatballs the next, have a cupcake or a Crepe for an afternoon snack, and then take home a giant BBQ combo box or gourmet burger for dinner. Which ever it may be, you can be sure to find out where you can find Food Truck Events and the Orlando Food Trucks menu and information. Almost all Orlando Food Trucks cater as well. We all have a craving for that certain special treat and I’m sure you will find it from a local Orlando Street Food Truck.

Orlando Street Food

Orlando Food Trucks, the food, events and everything else in between.

The Trucks

Orlando has 40+ Food Trucks and they all have some amazing food to offer. From BBQ to Burgers and even cupcakes. Look around and see what they have to offer.

The Locations

Did you know there are prime spots around Orlando that have monthly and even weekly Foodtruck gatherings? We know where they’re at what they’re serving.

The Events

There are always events going on in Orlando that call in our amazing street food vendors. Let us show you where you can find your next gourmet  street eats.

Orlando Food Trucks

Orlando Food Truck Ticker

See what Orlando Food Trucks are saying….when they say it.

Orlando Food Trucks

Come see why Orlando Food Trucks are some of the best food that the nations has to offer. The Orlando Street Food scene is booming and there is no better time then participating at one of several weekly food truck events. From each corner of central Florida there is definitely food and fun for all. Check out Orlando’s best food trucks and see what happiness they can bring you.

Check out our complete Orlando Food Trucks List

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